Understanding Fractal Analysis? The Case of Fractal Linguistics

Herbert F. Jelinek, et al.

Terms such as ‘self-similarity’, ‘space filling’ ‘fractal dimension’, and associated concepts have different meanings to different people depending on their background. We examine how methodology in fractal analysis is influenced by diverse definitions of fundamental concepts that lead to difficulties in understanding fundamental issues. The meaning of terms associated with fractal analysis need to be clarified if this method is to be useful in diverse disciplines. It is our premise that communications that are result focused constitute a danger in perpetuating misconceptions of terms due to the concise nature of the writing and the reliance on references to fill in the procedural and conceptual gaps. Communicating effectively requires a sound understanding of the terminology and a clear and meaningful presentation. We address here communication and the nature of scientific discourse, ‘fractal linguistics’


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Herbert F. Jelinek
School of Community Health, Charles Sturt University
Albury, 2640, Australia
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Source: European Conference on Complex Systems, Paris, 14-18 November 2005