The International Society of Biourbanism is a not-for-profit scientific network for theory and practice in Urbanism and Architecture.


It supports research, publishing and education by providing a shared area for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about biourbanism as a new epistemological approach to cities and biophilic design.



Create the theoretical basis for a new human-oriented built environment according to the most exciting scientific developments, such as fractals, complexity theory, evolutionary biology, morphogenesis, biophilia, biomimicry, artificial intelligence and peer to peer urbanism (P2PU).

Bring together theories, models and a new urban and architectural design process.

Offer a platform for research, theory making, education and practice.

Support the dialogue between practitioners and academics, by avoiding a purely academic discussion on design.

Increase the visibility of biourbanism among academia, scholars and the public.

Promote scholarly excellence and innovation according to the biourbanism approach.

Facilitate the exchange of research results.

Provide, through courses, seminars, workshops and papers, information and formation related to biourbanism.