An Introduction to Neo-nomadic Urbanism as Potentiality for the Future

It has become almost cliche to suggest that we live in a fast-changing world, yet we continue to cling to ideas of permanence. Neo-nomadism challenges these suppositions, hinting at a future culture that is likely to be far less attached to the material and where networking—digital and social—become increasingly critical to how daily life functions.

With these experiments in neo-nomadism, we explore the frontier of this future lifestyle and culture without high risk. We glimpse a civilization de-centralized and de-massified—economically, industrially, and in terms of power-structures. Neo-nomadism is not so much about mobility or about traveling, as it is about adaptive responses to an increasingly dynamic situation of life. The Neo-nomad is the supreme surfer of change in a dynamic world.

A really wonderful presentation on the above subject, can be found below. Narratives and illustrations compiled by Eric Hunting.