Biourbanism: Designing a Home of Language


The power to transmit is skyrocketing while our human capability to communicate is dying. This global phenomenon is accelerating to the point of deteriorating communities and adversely affecting social relations, politics, and justice, along with the symbolic systems of cities, rurality, and landscape.


We need design to build real communication among human beings, recover the environment, landscape, and means of production, as well as rethink political economy for a new and wise form of belonging.


After five years of study, our international working group will gather July 13–20, 2019 in the ancient town of Artena, Italy to design solutions together.

Thinkers, writers, architects, entrepreneurs, politicians, economists, citizens, activists, and artists will gather for a deliberative democracy experience aimed at bringing home seeds of future.


Impressive keynote lectures will counterpoint circular transdisciplinary workshops to prototype a biourban model of city, landscape, and civic organization that encompasses identity, politics, epistemology, and design.


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Images: “Sandworm” by Marco Casagrande, photograph by Nikita Wu Chi-Ling (above); “Vespa, Mule of Artena” by Artena Anarchist Press (below).