ISB Summer School in Neuroergonomics: The Movie

The documentary «Walking Through The Borgo» filmed in Artena during the Summer School 2012 in «Neuroergonomics & Urban Design»


Peleo Film is a dream. It’s a gamble against all the odds, by two students with a great passion for Cinema, who tried to bring to action what they have learnt during their University years.

The name “Peleo” belongs to the old Artena dialect. It means the ancient ritual taking room during the night of St. John. A bonfire is set in the middle of a square. People seal a special brotherhood by jumping over the fire, hand in hand with someone whom they care about.

Peleo Film is a quite demanding, visionary, and – most of all – proudly indipendent project. We and our partners are professionally able to deal with every part of videomaking, from conception to editing.

The documentary film “Walking Through The Borgo” is one of our first achievement. It is about Biourbanism, a new discipline which is turning upside down traditional urban sciences and the concept of city. It was filmed in Artena during the 2012 Summer School in Neuroegonomics and Urban Design, organized by the International Society of Biourbanism.

The stunning set of Artena, a medieval and biophilic town, gave to the documentary a unique and superb visual background, the same enjoyed by the students, who fully got connected with the city.

Altough Biourbanism is a new, complex and multidisciplinary subject, this documentary tries to collect and put in order the huge amount of information, reflections and inspiration that came to light during that week.

The making of this video was very demanding. We spent seven days very close to students, professors and tutors, becoming part of that miscellaneous and international crew.

We feel that our work fits whoever wants to approach and get a closer look at Biourbanism.

We wish to express our deepest and sincere gratitude to the members of the International Society of Biourbanism, the teachers, and the participants, for their kind cooperation throughout the week.


Gloria Lattanzi & Andrea Centofanti