Summer School 2012

Summer School 2012 in
Neuroergonomics and Urban Design
Biourbanism for a Human-Centered Sustainability and Effectiveness

Artena (Rome, Italy) – 15–23 July 2012




I. Mimesis and Environment

Students will be introduced by practical experiments and scientific literature review to the acknowledgment of how forms and space affect cognitive abilities and psycho-biological conditions in order to perform friendly and comfortable design.

II. Design patterns and neurological patterns

Brain and space. Mirror neurons and Neuroesthetics. Design, stress, and comfort: from the Sick Building Syndrome to the Evidence-Based Design. From Kaplan’s Savanna theory (Darwinism) to Isomorphism (Evolution by self-organization). Abstraction and image: towards an ontology of design.

III. Algorithmic Sustainable Design

Cutting-edge mathematical techniques for a biophilic architectural and urban design.
IV. Body Consciousness and Neuroergonomics Space Analysis
Breath, Grounding, Equilibrium, Posture, Movement in Space, Active Listening, Refinement of the Senses. Centers, Wholeness and Visioning according to Christopher Alexander.

V. Practice drawing

According to the level of each student an introductory/middle/advanced practice of freehand drawing will be offered focusing on urban volumes, personal perception of space and colors, and emotional nuances, along with how space perception influences our drawings and how design can influence space perception.


Daily lectures will be accompanied by practical experiences, including drawing sessions, guided visits to important examples of architecture, urbanism and built landscapes of different ages, perception and psychometric exercises. Time will be devoted to enhancing participants’ innate abilities; to study how the environment affects human beings; to analyze the relationship between mimesis and creativity, and employ it for producing wellness-eliciting forms. Fundamentals of neurology, environmental psychology, anatomy, architecture and art related to the topics will be provided. In particular, classes will focus on specific design patterns related to different neurophysiological conditions. Different social and cultural implications of specific design choices will be actively discussed.


A. Caperna – Sapienza University, C. Fioravanti – Y.A.N.I., A. Fortuzzi  – Roma Tre University, Y. Kryazheva – Yulia Ink., E. M. Mazzola – Notre Dame University, E. Mortola – Roma Tre University, F. Orsucci – University College London, A. Pierattini – University of Miami, N. A. Salingaros – Texas University, G. Scaramuzzo – Roma Tre University, S. Serafini – I.S.B., E. Tracada – University of Derby


Fee € 500,00 – Registration deadline: 15.06. 2012 – Payment deadline: 30.06.2012.

The workshop will be held in Artena (Rome), Italy, a beautiful and picturesque little town dating back to the 13th century and placed on a hill in the Lepini Mountains, 420 m above the sea level, and 40 km South of Rome. This is a perfect place to visit the fascinating surrounding area, with historical towns such as Palestrina, Segni, Anagni, Sermoneta and Norma, and many gorgeous natural beauties. It is located just 40 minutes from Rome (both by train or car). The climate is mild and this makes summer very pleasant.

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