Waste Architecture: On the Gray Edge of Neoliberal Aesthetics

Waste Architecture is a new design field, capable of promoting an interesting dialogue between architects, environmentalists, and urban planners. The work of engineering devoted to health and ecology needs to match our landscape and urban environment through effective, integrated, and multidisciplinary planning. Such a new perspective shifts the subject of the necessary technical solutions from the field of civil engineering towards an exciting synergy with architecture.

Thus, Waste Architecture has become the main topic of Sardinia 2017, The 16th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium—a relevant world conference where 800 experts from all over the planet will gather. The conference aims at having environmentalists, architects, and urban planners dialogue while getting in touch with the best world specialists on the subject.

Subjects and Call for Abstracts

The conference will mainly discuss the following topics, whilst being open to other subjects: Functional requalification of old and new waste dumps; Landfill mining and reintegration of degraded areas; Integration of pneumatic waste collection systems into the urban fabric; Architectural and design aspects of waste collection systems; Placement of waste management facilities and their relationship with the city; Waste Architecture & Circular Economy (e.g. reuse centers); Buildings for waste pre-selection and composting plants.
The Symposium committee invites researchers, professionals, and technicians to contribute by sending papers that address one of the topics of interest. Workshop proposals are welcome and will be evaluated for inclusion in the main Symposium program.

Further information is available here.