Smart Economy in Smart Cities Bulletin

An international working group has been established under the direction of Prof. T. M. Vinod Kumar for studying the effective results of cities “smartization” around the world. 8 countries are under examination: Canada, China, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Thailand, and USA. The goal is verifying what are the real advantages ICT and biopolitics of control can bring to the real life of people and, eventually, what the costs of the “smart city” labelled approach are.

The ISB takes part in this research group with Antonio Caperna, Guglielmo Minervino, Gianluca Lecoque, Silvia Paldino, Eleni Ploumidi, Stefano Serafini, and Themis Pellas.

Please find here the links to our monthly bulletin about what is going on along the way.

Smart Economy in Smart Cities Bulletin nr. 1, January 2015 on Bologna, Italy.

Editors: Guglielmo Minervino, Silvia Paldino, and Gianluca Lecoque.

Smart Economy in Smart Cities Bulletin nr. 2, February 2015 on Calicut, India.

Editors: P. Bimal, Mohammed Firoz, Suzana Jacob, Guglielmo Minervino, Silvia Paldino, and Gianluca Lecoque.