JBUs Editorial Board is Rolling

The Journal of Biourbanism is entering a new life stage, after the assessment of biourbanism as a relevant academic topic worldwide.

We are very grateful to the former editor in chief, Professor Arch. Eleni Tracada (University of Derby), who launched the Journal and managed it along 4 years with the help of Antonio Caperna, Angelica Fortuzzi, Archana Sharma, and Stefano Serafini. Building a scientific journal devoted to an entirely new discipline from scratch is a great achievement that Eleni Tracada pursued generously on a voluntary basis, as the coeditors and the other people who contributed along the way also did. Thank you, Eleni!

The new JBU editor in chief is Professor Arch. Sinan Logie (Bilgi University). The urban sociologist Katherine Donaghy and the neuroscientist Menno Cramer (our website readers know both these brilliant and young researchers at ISB) will support Sinan Logie as managing editors in the exciting adventure of making JBU a common house for those who are really changing the world of design towards systemic sustainability. We invite scholars, practitioners, artists, and activists to submit their work.

Sinan Logie defines himself an “anarchitect”, and among other qualification he is a skillful skateboarder. Not just a sport, but a way of experiencing the space, Logie’s skateboarding brought him to experiment the city and architecture in the streets of Ankara since 1979. He finalized his architecture studies at the Brussels Free University in 1998. His thesis From the Piazza San Giovanni to the Cyberspace has been awarded with the Adrien Cools prize.

Logie’s project for the Ursulines Square (Brussels) in partnership with l’Escaut Architects received the Regle d’or de l’urbanisme award in 2007. After having experimented different scales such as furniture, architecture and urban planning in Belgium, Logie moved to Istanbul in 2011, where he pursues his researches. Logie’s architectural and artistic explorations are led in the frame of an experimental process focusing on the relationship between space, body and mind, under the name of ‘’Fluid Structures’’. Since 2013, Logie teaches at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture, 3rd undergraduate and master studios.

His most recent publication is Istanbul 2023 (Les éditions B2: Paris 2014, with Yoann Morvan).

We wish Sinan, Katherine, and Menno a fruitful and disruptive success!

Picture credit: Detournement of Sinan Logie’s art exhibition “The Origins of Chaos”, Öktem & Aykut Gallery, Istanbul, December 2014

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