The Phenomenon of Life: Farewell, Christopher Alexander

The International Society of Biourbanism would like to express a deep sorrow as we mourn with the Alexander family. At his home in Britain, our beloved friend, Christopher Alexander, passed away.

As an innovative designer and revolutionary scholar in the field of architecture and urban planning, Alexander will always remain in our hearts.

With admiration, we remember his immense and original scientific research, which has been capable of reformulating the epistemological bases of architecture and urban planning. His cultural legacy, a synthesis that has united science and spirituality, transforms architectural creation into a hymn for the poetry and beauty of life.

His teaching and determination in defending the civic role of the designer, carried out with coherence and originality throughout his life, is an eternal legacy for our own work and mindset.

Let us draw upon his example in the “battle for life and beauty” and join forces so that, in the near future, this world can blossom in the spirit of peace and love.

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