Time to Act for a Mass Movement Against Nuclear War

Humankind, exhausted by two years of a pandemic, is sliding down a tragic slope. This may be our last descent into nowhere.

Ideological, military, economic, and financial forces linked to the exercise of power are at full steam. Decades of disinterest and neglect have driven human beings away from reflecting on the destructive capacity of our atomic arsenals.

The time has come to fight in order to avoid a possible and probable nuclear war. Possibilities and probabilities are different concepts, even if they sound similar. If realized, they would leave no escape for human life on the planet, even more than climate change and the disasters that already loom over life.

It is time to act. We can no longer wait for somebody else’s choice because, otherwise, the decision of those who want atomic warfare will prevail.

We propose putting aside political, ideological, and religious differences and linking already active associations and communities.

Let us build a charter that is shareable among as many people as possible. Let us start from the Internet and social networks as tools for counter-information and the dissemination of news to contrast official and government information.

Nuclear war is the ultimate war. After that, there is only death—a death that no one will even be able to tell. No mausoleums, no cemeteries, no tombstones will be built—there will be no more memories, and humans will no longer be able to listen to other humans. There will only be silence amid an atomic winter. We do not want this. We must avoid it at all costs.

The editorial staff of Sparagmós (Riccardo De Benedetti, Massimiliano Peroni, Dario Biagiotti, Paolo Ciccioli, Pietro Esposito, Corrado Mezzina, Elio Paoloni, Gianluca Rinaldi, and Stefano Serafini) is a thinking lab open to the most varied collaborations and ideas. It critically analyzes the issues of the pandemic and war society, refuses any specialist barrier, and yields the humanistic culture where its members belong. Contact: sparagmoi@protonmail.com

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